TBM 850 on the ground
TBM 850 interrior
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TBM 850

With seating for up to 5 passengers, the Socata TBM 850 is a premier single-engine turboprop. It boasts a top speed of 368 mph and a general cruising speed of 290 mph- making it one of the fastest turbo-props on the planet. 


Boasting a range of just over 1,500 miles, the 850 completes non-stop flights from Dallas to New York, Chicago to Phoenix, Miami to DC, or anywhere in between. A popular choice for short runway operations, the 850 requires less than 3,000 ft of runway for takeoff and landing. Production of the 850 began in 2006, and since then, it has established itself as a great choice for charter flights due to its speed, reliability, and comfort.


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Aircraft Details


TBM 850



368 mph

1585 nm








4 ft

4 ft

13.3 FT

30 cu. ft.

$3.3 Million

Hourly Rates

Cabin Height

Cabin Width

Cabin Length

Luggage Capacity

Purchase Price

TBM Flying
TBM 850 interrior
TBM 850 on the ground
TBM 850 interrior