Citation Mustang

This Very light business jet build by Cessna became available to the public on September 8th, 2006. It had a short live production cycle compared to most other aircraft. Production of the Mustang came to a halt in May of 2017. With only 470 examples produced in this time frame. This was largely due to the lack of customers demand as a result of citations very own Citation M2. With a range of 1165 nautical miles this this very light jet is still a great option for business travelers. It has the capability of seating Five passengers but in reality, it is designed to seat four comfortably. The Mustang is the only aircraft in the citation family that has a different tube than the rest of its family members. Unlike other jets in its class it has ample amounts of storage. The nose compartment of the aircraft can hold several golf bags while the aft baggage area is quite large as well. Due to the slow approach technique upon landing it is one of the safest aircraft when it comes to putting its wheels back on the ground. Which also allows for it to utilize airports with minimal runways.

Aircraft Details


Citation Mustang

Very Light Jet


390 mph

1100 nm











60 cu. ft.

$3 Million

Hourly Rates

Cabin Height

Cabin Width

Cabin Length

Luggage Capacity

Purchase Price


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