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Turboprops are ideal for travel up to 1,000 miles, or within three hours. They are most economical for quick trips and can accommodate shorter and rougher runways than jet aircraft. Turboprops are suitable for up to nine passengers. Possible flight options include Phoenix to Telluride or Bali to Singapore.

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Very Light Jets

Very Light Jets offer an economical alternative for individuals seeking jet transportation into airport destinations with short runways. These aircraft are comfortable for three to five passengers. Possible flight options include San Francisco to Las Vegas or Paris to Berlin.

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Light Jets


Light Jets offer fuel efficiency and high speeds. Seating up to eight passengers, these aircraft are ideal for nonstop trips up to 1,600 miles. Possible flight options include Houston to Chicago or London to Rome.

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Super Light Jets

Super Light Jets are the perfect aircraft when you are looking for range closer the that of a midsize jet, but want to be closer to the cost of a midsize jet. Super Light jets are a great fit for trips 3.5 hours or less and can carry up to 8 people comfortably. Super light jets have some of the amenities of bigger aircraft, but without the bigger price tag. 

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Midsize Jets

Midsize Jets are ideal for cross-country travel. Six to eight passengers can fly nonstop up to 2,800 miles comfortably. Possible flight options include New York to Los Angeles or Tokyo to Hong Kong.

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Super Mid Jets

Super Mid Jets provide increased cabin space on long trips for up to eight passengers, They have a greater range than midsize jets and are capable of crossing large bodies of water. Possible flight options include San Diego to Maui or Miami to Cabo.

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Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are ideal for intercontinental travel for up to 18 passengers. They provide an upgrade in range, accommodation and luxury. Possible flight options include Washington D.C. to Rio de Janeiro or New York to Dubai.

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